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Oil Paintings by Paul Davison

Artist Paul Davison

Paul Davison is a British artist who lives in the Parc naturel régional in the Haut Languedoc region of southern France. With a background in exhibition design and sculpture, he was inspired to return to his first love, painting, by the outstanding natural beauty of his adopted home.

Paul hopes that through this website you will be able to share something of his love of this landscape.  He is constantly striving to translate the interplay of light and shade onto canvas because it is these two factors that dictate our perception of form and, in a manner of speaking, produce a 'vibration' that elicits an emotion in the viewer.  Whilst the Languedoc is a vibrant, modern region with towns and cities profiting from a huge influx of people from other parts of France and abroad it is  also a region of wild landscapes that have the power to awaken and sustain the love of beauty that lies within us all. 

In this website you will find panoramic views, shady corners in medieval villages and vineyards turning orange and red under the autumn sun.  Please enjoy the journey.

Buying or Commissioning an Oil Painting

You will find miniatures of Paul's oil paintings on three gallery pages

  • Oil paintings 1

  • Oil paintings 2

  • Oil paintings 3

  • These links can also be found at the top and bottom of every page.  Once on the gallery page you can reach further single painting enlargements by clicking on the miniature oil paintings where you will get a clearer view of and further details about the paintings. Should you wish to make further enquiries about a painting then please feel to contact Paul by email or telephone.  Contact details can be found on the contact page and his email address is also at the bottom of every page.

    If you are interested in commissioning an original oil painting of a view or subject of your choice then please follow the link in order to obtain further details.


    Exhibitions of Oil Paintings by Paul Davison



    You may see an exhibition of Paul's paintings at Vieussan:

    Le Domaine Carrière Audier
    Le Village

    Tel +33 (0)4 67 97 77 71

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