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Landscape Painting by Paul Davison

Peinture à l'huile - Corneilhan en Hiver, Languedoc

Landscape painting-Corneilhan en Hiver

Oil on Canvas/Huile sur Toile
120cm x 40cm


This landscape painting is of a view that I see often when we drive home from Béziers. The hills in the distance are the High Languedoc, and the foreground is the plain which is much hotter and drier. Corneilhan is the village featured, but if you look closely Thezan les Béziers and Murviel les Béziers lie off in the distance. The Plain is dotted with villages, built on little hillocks - always with a church on the highest point. It gives the area a really magical, almost mystical, feel. This is never more so than in the winter. When people think of the south of the France they normally think of the heat and vibrant colours of the summer. However, the winter brings with it the most exquisitely subtle variety of tones and shades. The vineyards are ochre and red, the trees and the bamboo are tinged with yellow, and the sky is silvery blue, often streaked with high wispy clouds that take on incredible colours as the sun sinks towards the horizon. 

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